Statements / Invoices

Statements and Invoices are the lifeblood of every organization.

Currently Eatonform Process Solutions distributes more than $100 million in customer billings each day. By saving our customers 2, 3 or more Days Sold Outstanding, we add substantial dollars to their bottom lines.

We will bring your organization the latest technologies that provide fast, accurate and painless billing and document distribution, so you don't have to. Thus leaving you with more dollars to invest in your people, products and services.

Eatonform Process Solutions is dedicated to keeping you ahead of the competition. Now give your customers the option to choose how they wish to receive your invoice whether it is in the mail, email or fax.

Further, make it easier for your customer to do business with you by providing them electronic paying options or even online access to their documents via the web.

Electronic Billing

Supercharge Invoicing & Payment with Electronic Billing

In today's digital world customers are not only more comfortable with electronic bill presentment and paying - many actually demand it!

With Eatonform Process Solutions you can enjoy all of the time and cost-saving benefits of managing your customers' accounts online, without investing in new, costly technology. Instead, we'll handle the entire process:

  • Your customers receive an email notifying them that their statement is ready.
  • A hot link in the email body connects them to the secure web site log in page.
  • After logging in the customer can:
    • View the current statement
    • Make online payments (via Credit Card, ACH, EFT)
    • Check current balance and credit limits
    • Update their customer profile including email address, phone number, long-in and password.

Fulfillment Solutions

The Eatonform Fulfillment Solutions Platform integrates with your sales and membership channels to make your fulfillment and shipping services stress-free.

Document Fulfillment

  • Member Card Printing/Mailing
  • Professional Document Printing and Mailing
  • Auto and Hand Assembly as Needed
  • Documented and Audited Ensuring Accuracy

Online-Sales, Uniform, Kit, Fulfillment and Distribution

  • Warehouse to Store Items
  • On-line Sales Order Fulfillment
  • Custom Packing Solutions
  • Online Tracking

Database Improvements

  • Address Cleansing
  • Bad and Undeliverable Updates
  • Corrections
  • Postal Discounts
  • Postal Reports Provided to Clients

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

How much time do you and your people spend searching for paper documents? Some studies suggest we lose 2 or more hours each workday trying to locate paperwork. This includes highly paid executives and their staffs.

Eatonform Process Solutions has a better way: We can design a document scanning and archiving program that specifically meets your needs.

Think of it:

  • No more sea of papers to sift through
  • No more overflowing file cabinets
  • No more searching in the basement or remote storage facility
  • Easy, online access to all documents using a search engine designed to your filing specifications
  • Secure, backed up storage

Create an e-filing cabinet

Documents such as contracts, proofs of delivery, purchase orders, or any other paper document can be linked to your billing documents so you or your customer can view all of their documents right there online - straight from a link on your website.

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